Back to Basics: Ecological Sustainability

According to statistics from the Water Quality Protection Web of the Environmental Protection Administration, domestic sewage accounts for about 70% of total sewage discharge in Taiwan. This comes from domestic water used by people for washing, cooking, and bathing at home. In contrast, industrial sewage must be treated following the law before it can be discharged. Therefore, domestic sewage is not regulated by laws and regulations thereby directly affecting the ecology of rivers and oceans.

From 2012 to 2013, Sea Mild Biotech cooperated with the New Taipei City Government’s Feitsui Reservoir water quality improvement project by providing its green-label laundry and dishwashing detergent for residents of the upstream reservoir to use for an entire year. Over the past year, researchers have collected water at various points to test and compare its quality. They found that the total phosphorus content of the reservoir had dropped by 27.5% just in one year!

Since the eutrophication of the reservoir has greatly improved, this also confirms the impact of households’ habits of the use of cleaning products on the eutrophication of a water source. Under the eco-friendly cycle of high biodegradability, Sea Mild Biotech's green eco-friendly cleaning products can truly achieve a balanced development of human and ecological symbiosis.

With the goal of "green sustainable enterprise", Sea Mild Biotech extends its concept from green service products to the practice of a green life. It upholds "pure beauty, natural environmental protection, natural purity" as its original intention by providing a green and clean life through creating products that can return to their purest form.  Through the goal of "Together SeaMild", Sea Mild Biotech hopes that more people will recognize the value of green sustainability and practices. Time will prove that we, along with our children and grandchildren who are living on the same island of Taiwan, will be the greatest beneficiaries.

This is a "green revolution" - a race against time that requires the participation and persistence of everyone in the world. Since human beings are a part of the ecological cycle, "the better the environment and the ecology, the better the health of humans."

What Sea Mild Biotech does is not only innovation but, to be more precise, return the detergent to its most natural and purest form.

Let’s clean the world with greenery and provide the earth with a clean sea.