Leading the industry with eco-friendly R&D

There are not many standards for natural products,But there are standards for eco-friendly.

As one of the founding members of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN for short), Sea Mild Biotech is among the first group of manufacturers to obtain a labeled certification since environmental labeling of cleaning products was promoted by the Environmental Protection Administration in Taiwan.

Over the years, Sea Mild Biotech has been working hard to produce green and eco-friendly products with high standards and a rigorous attitude. So far, Sea Mild Biotech has maintained its leading position in the industry for the number of products and specifications that have been labeled for eco-friendliness.

After household and personal eco-friendly cleaning products took root in the market, Sea Mild Biotech expanded its business to other environmental protection-related fields. Under the concept of making not only the detergents but also the packaging eco-friendly, Sea Mild Biotech developed "100% soluble and pollution-free capsule coating technology" in 2007. This has successively acquired invention patents in Taiwan, China, and the United States while also winning awards from the International Exhibition of Inventions by Geneva and Romania.

The patented concept of "100% soluble and pollution-free capsule coating technology" is a film that is 100% water-soluble, plastic-free, and poses no harm to the ecology. This film is used to coat the detergent. By diluting it with water during use, it can be used for various personal and household cleaning products. This not only replaces the use of containers but is also relatively eco-friendly. Furthermore, the coated detergent has an ultra-concentrated formula that contains almost no water which greatly reduces the weight and volume of the product, saves on considerable freight, and lowers carbon emissions. This is an important milestone both for Sea Mild Biotech and detergent industries around the world.

Sea Mild Biotech has also succeeded in developing and establishing products and attitudes that are truly natural and eco-friendly from the inner material to the outer packaging.