Originating from Japan and Inherited by Taiwan

During its inception in 1996, Sea Mild Biotech started as an OEM of a Japanese business that produced natural multi-purpose detergents. Thus, it created an opportunity for eco-friendly detergent manufacturing (please read the founder's outline for further details).

Known for its spirit of artisanship, Japanese businesses pay great attention to detail and quality. Through repeated coordination and adjustments with the Japanese business in the initial stage, Sea Mild Biotech continued to make breakthroughs in its own technology to finally reach a collaborative model that both parties were satisfied with.

Therefore, when the original Japanese manufacturer moved its detergent production line back to Japan due to commercial considerations, Sea Mild Biotech was fortunate to inherit the ingenious Japanese technology as well as its reputation after continued communication and collaboration between the two. Thanks to many years of this and experience in the field, a sense of importance for green and eco-friendly cleaning products was created.

However, people in Japan are accustomed to using all-purpose cleaners to take care of all types of daily stains. This is completely different from the cleaning habits of people in Taiwan. People in Taiwan are habitually paying attention to the use of appropriate and specific cleaning products for various cleaning purposes. Therefore, based on the same concept of green and environmental protection, the Sea Mild Biotech R&D team developed green and eco-friendly cleaning products for various purposes per the usage habits of people in Taiwan.

Since the raw materials of natural, green, and eco-friendly detergents are several times more expensive than traditional petrochemical detergents, Sea Mild Biotech can only continue to work hard and strive to improve product R&D, manufacturing, and price-by-volume in the fiercely competitive detergents market. Abandoning a high marketing budget, Sea Mild Biotech rewards consumers with small profits and quick returns, making green products more accessible to consumers and allowing more people to contribute to eco-friendliness.