All-in-one green OEM/ODM manufacturer


Sea Mild Biotech is a professional green detergent OEM/ODM manufacturer with nearly 30 years of rich experience in research development and production.

We are one of the few manufacturers in Taiwan that can provide integrative green  OEM/ODM manufacturing services, including complete planning, research and development, design, and manufacturing processes.

OEM/ODM Business Scope

Three dosage forms (liquid, powder, capsule) and various specifications

Apparel Cleaning Contract Manufacturing and R&D

  • Contract manufacturing of laundry detergents/liquid detergents/cold water detergents/hand wash detergents/washing machine cleaners/multi-purpose cleaners

Household Cleaning Contract Manufacturing and R&D

  • Contract manufacturing of dish soaps/bathroom cleaners/kitchen cleaners/glass cleaners/limescale removers
  • Contract manufacturing of floor cleaners/toilet cleaners/car shampoos
  • Contract manufacturing of baking soda/citric acid/stain removers

Personal Care Contract Manufacturing and R&D

  • Contract manufacturing of shampoos/body washes/hand washes/hand wash mousses/facial cleansing mousses/intimate area cleaners

Spray Contract Manufacturing and R&D

  • Contract manufacturing of dish soap sprays/fruit and vegetable sprays/descaling sprays/floor cleaning sprays/cleaning sprays for floor mops
  • Contract manufacturing of insect repellent sprays/anti-mite sprays/disinfectant sprays/deodorizing sprays/antibacterial sprays/alcohol sprays/stain remover sprays
  • Contract manufacturing of dry hand sanitizer sprays/dry shampoo sprays

Pandemic Prevention and Cleaning Contract Manufacturing and R&D

  • Alcohol/alcohol wipes
  • Hypochlorite solution
  • Insect repellents

Pet Grooming Contract Manufacturing and R&D

  • Contract manufacturing of pet shampoos/dry paw mousses/herbal spot-on solutions/ear cleaners
  • Contract manufacturing of deodorizing sprays/insect repellent sprays/toy cleaners

Capsule Applications Contract Manufacturing and R&D

  • Laundry capsules/laundry balls/washing machine cleaner capsules
  • Dishwasher capsules/dishwasher cleaner capsules/car wash capsules/kitchen cleaner capsules/bathroom cleaner capsules/floor cleaner capsules
  • Hair care capsules/body wash capsules/2-in-1 hair and body capsules/bath capsules/hand wash mousse capsules

Fragrance Contract Manufacturing and R&D

  • Contract manufacturing of room fragrances/perfumes/essential oils/space fragrances/fabric fragrances

 Widest Range of Industry Clients

Our clients are widely distributed across various industries in Taiwan, including three major state-owned enterprises, leading retailers, convenience stores, century-old home appliance brands, chain pharmacies, and baby product brands.



 Certified through Multiple Verifications

Sea Mild has been certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO22716 and recognized by the Environmental Protection Administration, obtaining Taiwan's environmental label for over 20 years.


 High Degree of Customization Flexibility

We provide highly customized OEM manufacturing flexibility, allowing customers to choose detergent types (powder/liquid/capsules) from over a hundred product specifications. Moreover, we can tailor products to customers' needs and budgets, customizing fragrances, cleaning power, outer packaging, and more.


Project Process

Step 1: Understand Customer Needs

We conduct interviews by phone or in-person to listen to customers' needs and provide directional suggestions.

Step 2: Product Planning

We analyze product market positioning and provide suggestions in various aspects, such as fragrance, viscosity, color, etc.

Step 3: Sample Development

When both parties have a consensus, we produce sample trials and confirmations to reduce discrepancies and achieve consistent information.

Step 4: Confirming Product Formulation

After confirming mutual understanding, we confirm the product formulation to plan stable mass production.

Step 5: Mass Production and Shipping

We arrange manufacturing schedules according to customer needs and ship products to designated locations, completing the OEM manufacturing process.

Step 6: After-Sales Service

We provide contact windows for follow-up inquiries and can quickly provide customer service.

Sea Mild focuses on establishing long-term sustainable partnerships with customers through dedicated, excellent, and attentive cooperation, realizing the environmental life circle.

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